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What We Do

At Hulet & Associates, a Utah CPA firm, we offer a wide array of accounting and business services to fully support your audit, tax and financial reporting needs. From compliance services for tax and financial reporting to the development of a strategic growth plan, we offer customized solutions to fit the needs of your business.

Our Service


Our team-based approach means a diverse experience base of talented financial professionals that will provide you with clear answers, concise solutions, and the personalized service unique to your business needs. We bring practical and analytical knowledge to every client. We have worked with numerous companies on a wide variety of complex transactions.

Working with you



We can teach you how to spot trends and anomalies in your operations before a situation becomes critical. We work proactively year-round to ensure that your taxes are prepared on time and accurately. We pride ourselves in extending very few tax returns each year.

Always looking ahead


The scope of our tax services covers tax planning and tax preparation assistance in a wide range of areas to meet the changing needs of your company. We specialize in representing clients before the IRS and other tax authorities.

Here to Serve you


Our seasoned professionals constantly monitor your business to ensure top performance. With Hulet & Associates on board, you have all the accounting and business solutions you need to succeed. Contact us for more information at


Phone# 801-501-7888

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