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Scott F. Hulet

Senior Accountant


Professional Bio: 


         Scott is currently a Senior Accountant at Hulet & Associates, PC, CPA’s , a Certified Public Accounting Firm located in South Jordan, Utah. Prior to Hulet & Associates, CPA’s, Scott supervised, from inception, the first authorized Lamborghini  Auto Dealership in the intermountain west, called Exotic Imports. Scott was responsible for the success of this multi-million dollar venture from inception groundbreaking to successful operation.  He met with architects, engineers, contractors, city planners, as well as representatives from Lamborghini and other automobile manufacturers.  He then managed this successful dealership for many years.  Scott visited the factory in Italy on a routine basis to keep a good rapport with them.  

         After his two year mission he returned to the Dealership and continued managing it while going back to college. He graduated from Salt Lake Community College with an Associates of Business degree. Then, Scott proceeded to continue his education and was accepted into the University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business where he received a Bachelor of Science in accounting. During the time he was attending the University of Utah he worked full time at Hulet & Associates, CPA’s there he completed his Auditing and Tax preparation hours required by the AICPA to certify.


          During this time Hulet & Associates has moved locations. Scott again supervised the construction of another state of the art building that since received an award for “Best of Show” in 2007 for the entire state of Utah. He has worked in many aspects helping many companies begin from the ground up or existing businesses become more efficient to create a better cash flow.  He has also been instrumental in helping companies become profitable. He specializes in working with companies to create a tax structure to help companies reduce their tax liability with an eye on efficiency and the bottom line. During his time at the firm Scott has fulfilled many important roles for companies. He is currently and has for 8 years been the CFO of a trucking transportation company. They deliver freight all over the continental United States. Furthermore, he is currently the Trustee of several trusts and is the custodian of there Estates. This shows his Character, Integrity, and Trust.

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